May 4, 2013


pictures taken from different Tumblr blogs

Moja omiljena boja je mint, ali je roze (pogotovo njene svetlije nijanse) zasigurno na drugom mestu. Kad sam pronašla ove predivne slike, nisam mogla da odolim da ih podelim sa vama. Svaka od njih predstavlja nešto što se definitivno uklapa u moj stil i ono što volim. Neke od njih mi daju ideje kako da uredim svoju sobu kad se jednog dana osamostalim. Koje su vaše omiljene boje i zbog čega ih volite?

My favourite color is mint, but pink (especially its pastel shades) is surely on the second place. When I found these beautiful pictures, I couldn't resist sharing them with you. Each and every one of them represents something that definitely fits my personal style and things that I like. Some of them actually gave me ideas on how to decorate my room when I get a little more independent. What are your favourite colors and why do you like them?

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  1. such cute inspiration, it's really great! Thanks for sharing, I love pink! :)

  2. Divanizbor slicica. I ja obozavam mint i pink boju... Nekako idu uz sve na sve..:D

  3. I love Pink!!!

  4. Boze kako su predivne fotografije!!