May 2, 2013

Insta april

1. This small Coca-Cola bottle is so practical! Here we call it "Koca Tamanica". :) // 2. One of my favourite lines from the first Harry Potter movie: "No post on Sundays!" // 3. Watching my currently favourite show on RTL every Saturday - "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". A great way to practice my German.
4. Saw this snail on my way to school, it's so cute! // 5. I can never resist a good catalog or fashion magazine - I was reading this one at school. // 6. Interesting vehicle statue in Belgrade.
7. Lemon flavored Ivi and my favourite hat. // 8. Amazing graffiti mouse. // 9. My grade school friend became my hair dresser, isn't that amazing? :)

10. Hair done! :) // 11. Made some drawings for my closest friends. // 12. I tried Mirinda for the very first time - not bad.
13. Monitoring days are over! Finally! // 14. I forgot how this coffee is actually called, but I remember it was delicious. ;) // 15. Another Saturday of watching DSDS - my German is getting better and better!
16. Black and brown tones of eye make-up. // 17. Delicious chocolate cream and ground biscuit pancakes. // 18. Got mad over doing my biology test for only the very good mark, so I made origami out of it.

19. Buying iced mocha at Costa Coffee became my newest ritual. // 20. I saw this kitty outside of that café, it's so cute! // 21. Spring is a perfect season - I love flowers!
22. A symbol of the Deathly Hallows from the Harry Potter franchise - I might even do it as a permanent tattoo. // 23. Enjoying in small sweet bites. // 24. I love these sneakers. I must buy another pair this year!
25. Dinner with dad. // 26. Delicious ice cream from McDonald's. // 27. Iced mocha with extra chocolate syrup this time. Yum!

28. I haven't worn this t-shirt in a while. Designed by Tokio Hotel for the Fashion Against AIDS campaign by H&M. // 29. A quick lunch before school. // 30. Finally, after all this time I've been wanting it, it's finally here! A package from Romwe.
31. Love this blouse I got from TideShe. // 32. Out and about with a friend of mine. // 33. After keeping it hidden in my closet for a couple of years, I can't stop wearing it. It rocks with my Romwe galaxy leggings!