September 2, 2013

Romwe autumn wishlist

Autumn comes. What’s your wishlist in this new season?

Iako odbijam da se oprostim od leta, ne mogu da zaboravim da nam se jesen primiče. Zato vam ovde nudim par outfit ideja za predstojeću jesen, sastavljene od odevnih predmeta sa moje liste želja.

Although I refuse to say goodbye to summer, I can't forget that autumn is coming up. That's why I'm giving you a couple of outfit ideas for the upcoming autumn, made with items from my wishlist.

1. cat ear beanie here  //  2. moustache printed pullover here  //  3. open ring here  //  4. black bag here  //  5. riveted ankle boots here

1. color block coat here  //  2. white blouse here  //  3. black bag here  //  4. golden deer necklace here  //  5. stack pack rings here  //  6. burgundy skirt here  //  7. heart printed tights here  //  8. platform shoes here

1. floral blazer here  //  2. white blouse here  //  3. hat with ears here  //  4. yellow clutch here  //  5. golden chain necklace here  //  6. pink skirt here  //  7. oxford shoes here

1. cat ear beanie here  //  2. floral printed sweater here  //  3. black bag here  //  4. triple cross necklace here  //  5. riveted ankle boots here  //  6. knee riveted leggings here

Ovo bi bile neke preporuke u skladu sa mojim ličnim stilom. Ima li nešto što vam se dopada?

These would be some recommendations based on my personal style. Is there anything that you like?

As a girl, is it possible to live without makeup & cute accessories?
Just fetch these hotties at their cheapest time :P >
Only 72 hours!!


  1. Hi great post !!!
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  2. super kombinacije, ja biram ove sa smedjim nijansama jer nekako u jesen nikako ne mogu pobjci od njih :)

    1. Da, smeđe nijanse su neizostavne svake jeseni bez obzira na trendove. Mada, pošto mi smeđa boja nije među omiljenim, češće pribegavam crnoj klasici, mada razmišljam da više eksperimentišem sa smeđom ove sezone. ;)

  3. Super si komade izabrala! Sve mi se svidja! :)

  4. Great stuff

  5. Hi nice wishlist
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  6. ma ima, pravo cool stvari :)))


  7. Very nice post!! Love the outfits.


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  8. Oooooo, you have the best taste! I really ought to shop at Romwe some time soon. I think that deer necklace is absolutely stunning. And I adore outfit number 3! The black crocodile bag looks extremely luxe as well.

    May the Force be with you.

  9. I Have a smilar moustache sweater :)
    love all the outfits