June 6, 2018

Instagram updates

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1.  I'm not much of an angel, but I just love how these wings work with my outfit. The top is from SheIn and you can find it here.

 2.  Another new thing that I got and that I love is definitely this sexy SheIn cami top which I love, you can find it here.

3.  One of my favourite newly discovered brands is eLCy clothing that makes the best intimates and bikinis, and that's where this awesome leo bralette is from, click here to find it.

4.  If you think that this is as delicious as it looks, then you're absolutely right. Yes, yes it is.

5.  Shorter nails work better for me lately, so one of the best ways to make them look pretty with absolutely no fuss is a peach and golden glitter combo, how do you like it?

6.  I don't know how I'm putting up with this heat, it's insane! God bless the creator of ice coffee.

7.  Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, but I also can't resist these blue and purple ones, they're just so beautiful!

8.  Some of my favourite jewellery at the moment - I'm loving necklace layering and geometric lately.

Pošto sam doslovno pretrpana obavezama ne raspolažem s dovoljno vremena da bih pisala na blogu, ali zato me možete pratiti putem Instagrama gde se trudim da svakodnevno objavljujem. Otkrila sam neka nova mesta koja volim da posećujem, nove brendove koje vam rado preporučujem, a pored svega toga trudim se da u svakom trenutku i sitnici pronađem nešto što će mi ulepšati dan. Narednih dana ću imati mnogo ispita i u to ću morati da uložim mnogo truda, vremena i energije tako da se nadam da ćete mi poželeti sreću.

As I'm literally over my head in obligations I don't have too much time to post on my blog, but you can still follow me on Instagram where I'm doing my best to keep you updated on a daily basis. I've discovered some new places that I like to visit, new brands that I'd be happy to recommend you, and apart from all that I'm trying to find something that will make my day better in every moment and in every little thing. In the upcoming days I'll be having many exams that will require a lot of effort, time and energy so I hope you'll wish me luck.
Also, if you need to take a closer look at my fabulous new SheIn items, take a look here:



  1. Lovely photos! Good luck honey with your exams 💞😘💖


  2. Cute pics!


  3. Srećno na ispitima draga! Super fotke! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  4. Super fotkice. Nekad od jakih obaveza i ja ne uspem biti redovna na blogu. Srecno na ispitima :)


    1. Hvala! Drago mi je kad naiđem na razumevanje. :)

  5. Great photos! I really like them ;)

    Pozdrawiam - http://izabiela.pl/

  6. Such cute photos!
    Have a nice day!

  7. I am loving those wings! You're like an angel. You think they'd look good on me?

  8. Divan post! Jako mi se dopadaju fotke, ova krila su prefora ispala za sliku, a instagram ti je stvarno goals! *_*
    Nadam se da su ispiti dobro prošli :)
    Svrati: xshoppingholicx.blogspot.com

  9. Sjajne slike draga, jako kvalitetne i originalne :)

  10. Prelepe fotografije draga :) srećno saispitima <3 zapratila sam te na Instagramu ;)