August 4, 2013

Reality is endlessly cold and lonely

pictures by Luka

dress: New Yorker
bag: H&M
bracelet: gift from dad
shoes: Converse

Ovu kombinaciju sam nosila i juče, kada sam išla do tržnog centra sa najboljom drugaricom, ali sam tada zaboravila da ponesem foto-aparat, pa je nisam uslikala, tako da sam odlučila da ovoga puta to nikako ne propustim. Lepršava haljinica poput ove idealna je za pretople dane poput ovoga, i danas sam odlučila da je nosim uz bele starke, kojima nisam mogla da odolim iako više volim duboke modele.
Danas sam provela divan dan sa društvom koje nisam videla od mature, dugo smo pričali o svemu i svačemu, i, naravno, dogovorili se da se viđamo što češće. Mnogo su mi nedostajali i baš mi je bilo drago što sam ih videla. Proveli smo sjajno popodne i veče pijući ukusne ledene kafe.

I wore this outfit yesterday when I went to the mall with my best friend, but I forgot to bring my camera then, so I didn't take pictures of it, but I decided not to forget to do that this time. A fluttery dress such as this one is ideal for these unbelievably hot days, and today I decided to wear it with white Converse sneakers, which I couldn't resist even though I'm more of a deep Converse sneaker person.
Today I spent a wonderful day with my friends, who I haven't seen since prom, and for a long time we talked about all kinds of things, and, of course, made a deal to see each other as often as possible. I missed them so much and I was so glad to see them. We spent a terrific afternoon and evening drinking delicious ice coffees.

Are you enjoying your summer? I know I am!

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  1. Beautiful dress! :)

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  3. Have the nicest summer girl!

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  5. Bele starke su uvek pun pogodak!!

    Hvala ti na divnom komentaru.
    I tebe je rodjus 6.07.??Super, znam puno ljudi kome je tada rodjendan!!

  6. Starkice <3

  7. Looks like a lovely day !

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  8. slatka kombinacija. sad te pratim preko GFC-a.Posjeti moj blog ako želiš :)

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  10. Odlicna mi je haljinica i bas mi se svidja sto si je iskombinirala sa Starkama!

  11. Lovely dress, it fit you well too! I would love for you to check my blog and maybe we can follow each other?

  12. You look amazing! Love the converse!! xx

  13. Very nice pictures!

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  18. predivno :))


  19. prekrasna si mi...
    i slike su divne ;)

    pusa velika,


  20. Oh, that dress is lovely! The fluttery collar makes it look so feminine. It's perfect with those sporty white sneakers!

    May the Force be with you.

  21. I absolutely love you style, you look so pretty.

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