March 21, 2013

LovelyWholesale wishlist

1. white heels here // 2. wooden heel boots here // 3. fox bag here // 4. Eiffel Tower bag here // 5. bow ring here // 6. cyan blue clutch here

LovelyWholesale je online prodavnica savršena za potrebe svake devojke. Imaju veliki izbor odevnih predmeta, cipela i drugih detalja koje možete nositi na više načina i priuštiti po veoma povoljnim cenama. Pogledajte njihovu ponudu, sigurna sam da imaju nešto i po vašem ukusu. Ja sam našla mnogo stvari!
Ovi komadi su mi omiljeni. Koji se vama najviše sviđa?

LovelyWholesale is an online store perfect for every girl's needs. They have a wide variety of clothing items, shoes and accessories that can be included in many different styles at very affordable prices. You should check them out, I'm sure they have something for you too. I found plenty of things!
These are my favourite items. Which one do you like best?

ROMWE Easter Day Sale
Up to 70% Off with galaxy gifts (Bowtie / collar / bag)
Best chance to get spring stuff & save a lot
03/27/2013 – 03/29/2013
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  1. Love the first bag!!

  2. Sve je odlično!

  3. dvica mi je definitivno favorit...:)...

  4. Love the bag on the bottom right! great choices xx

  5. I can't decide between 3, 5 and 6! Maybe 5 is my favourite xx

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  6. I love that shining Jeffrey Campbell :D

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    Hope you can partecipate, I will be so grateful!

  7. Such a great selection. I really like those "Litas", and that bow ring is just adorable!

  8. I bought my mum that clutch in orange for her birthday! i love it! I want to buy myself one.

  9. those boots look great! and ohhh romwe <3

  10. 2!

  11. great pictures! jeffrey campbell!

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  12. my favorite ones are definitelly those white pumps that seem louboutin!
    amazing purposes, with this everybody can appreciate your good taste!
    have to loveyou!

    hope follow each other and stay in touch!

    keeping reading, Sergio

  13. That fox bag is darling! It's so quirky, but still quite sophisticated in black and white.

    May the force be with you.

  14. Thanks for your sweety comment!!
    Great post, i like it very much. You have a great blog :)
    Come back to my new post;

  15. thanks for the follow girl! following right back :)
    i love that blue clutch! great picks...

  16. oh i love number 2 and 6!!!!! so cute!

  17. Divne stvarcice. Posebno torbica