April 25, 2019

Dresslily Mother's Day wishlist

Mother's Day is coming up and Dresslily is one of my favourite websites to look for some terrific gift ideas for one of my dearest human beings on this planet! Our mothers have given us so much that we could never possibly repay them for all the love and support they have raised us with, but if there is anything that we can do it's doing our best to make them happy and to remind them how loved they are and how much they'll mean to us forever. I'm sure you know your mother better than anyone and that you can instantly thing of the perfect gift for her, but I personally love browsing through this website to get some inspiration - my mother's style would be best described as elegance that meets practicality with elements of workwear so in my mind I'm sure that she would love a nice, flowy skirt that she can wear for hours while she's at the office and feel as comfortable as she is beautiful. She is also the biggest fan of tunics and loose blouses, and the thing that I'm the happiest about is that she's more and more open to trying out brighter colors and different patters so this wishlist sort of reflects some ideas on what I'll be getting her this Mother's Day. I hope you'll find a perfect gift for your mother as well! :D

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($30-$6,$50-$10, $80-$16, $100-$20, $150-$30, $200-$40, $300-$60)